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The Bo’ness Belle earns an RTS Scotland Student Awards 2019 Commendation

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Thank you so much to everyone at SRPS / Bo’ness and Kinneil Railway for helping me make this short film. Without you this place wouldn’t exist and I thank you all for keeping the dream of steam alive. I am very proud of this piece for many reasons. I wanted to show the beauty of this fine Railway and the people that volunteer their time to keep it so. I went there as a primary school pupil and now my kids treat it like a second home. I love the bricks of the place, so that’s why it was so important to do it justice in just five short minutes. There is a camaraderie in the sheds that’s beautiful to see and capture. It’s so refreshing that there’s no woman challenging gender roles, as there’s no need to. Jayne Louise Wright is no different to each and every one of you and that’s amazing. Her story is the same as everyone’s and that makes you hero’s to me and my kids. Hopefully others will see what this place means to us all and why we care so much. Everyone needs to know that this isn’t big business. It’s volunteers preserving our history and sharing it. Future generations of volunteers should be inspired by what you do and hopefully this wee film will play its part in doing so. Let’s keep the dream alive!!! Dream Steam!!!

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